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June Releases

Did you miss this month’s releases?

Bought by the Billionaire (Can’t Buy A Billionaire Book 9) by Rose M. Cooper

Going once, going twice…going crazy for the billionaire.

The charity auction had every available and single sponsor up on stage with her particular best dish in hand. It looked like a 50’s potluck for vanilla-wearing housewives. But it was a themed gala Ximena had arranged and stepped in as a participant last minute. And she and her pecan pie had gone for enough to keep the shelters running all year. Thanks to the handsome, anonymous buyer with a paddle and a wicked grin aimed right at her.

Aiden realized Ximena didn’t recognize him from the puzzled smile she was offering along with her decadent pie. It has been ten years, no reason she should know him. But he knew her. She had changed his life with her kindness and her faith in him. And now he was going to do the same for the woman he’d fallen in love with when he’d had nothing.

Release Date: June 24, 2022

The Baker & the Badge: A feel-good romantic comedy by Tracy Krimmer

A baker starting over in a new town. A police officer who wants to protect her from the past.

Emma has always dreamed of owning a bakery. When her mom passes away and leaves a small inheritance, she makes her dream a reality. But running a successful business doesn’t happen overnight, and Emma is learning that the hard way.

First, she’s not building a customer base as quickly as she’d like. The only thing keeping her afloat is the fact that she plays landlord to the neighboring business, Nail Carnations. Even stepping out of her comfort zone with the bright orange nail polish isn’t enough to shock her into success.

Second, the hot community cop, Aaron, is distracting her. Not that it’s all bad. He comes by every day for bakery and coffee, and him flashing her his sexy smile is the best part of her day.

Lastly, Emma’s jerk of an ex-husband, the insurance adjuster from hell, wants to run her out of business.

Right when she’s getting her business off the ground and losing herself in her budding relationship with Aaron, tragedy strikes and threatens everything she’s built. Can she save her business and her new romance?

Release Date: June 14, 2022

Rules: A Steamy Millionaire Romance by Eva Carr

A Broke Student. A Millionaire Trader. The Rules of Engagement.

Working as an escort wasn’t something Ella planned when she dropped out of med school. But there she was, thrown into playing the fake girlfriend of a young rich guy. Straight away she was out of her comfort zone and not so happy about the lies she had to tell.

All workaholic Vic wanted to do was keep his interfering mother at bay. He was married to his trading platform and not interested in romance. At least he didn’t think he was, until Ella dropped into his limo.

From the first date they were attracted with only THE RULES between them.

Some rules should never be broken. But some are made to be. Sometimes it’s inevitable.

Short HOT romance with a dash of sweet and a HEA. Mature scenes and language – 18+ advised.

Release Date: June 15, 2022

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