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July New Releases

We’re happy to highlight these amazing new releases this month!

Wolf Tamer (Moon Kissed Book 2) by Harper A. Brooks

Love is only a distraction, a weakness!

Tasha failed.

Her damn feelings got in the way of doing her job, and now, her coven has marked her for death. To stay alive, she has no choice but to turn to the very person she was meant to kill. Reid.

To make things worse, her witch magic is returning and it’s interfering with her invisibility, something she desperately needs to find out what happened to her sister.

Hiding Tasha among his pack has Reid questioning his hatred for her kind, while pretending to be her mate has him questioning his own sanity. What happens when fake feelings morph into something more? Something real and dangerous?

They’re so close to finding out the secrets behind the Redcliff Pack and the Buson witches—so close—but the truth will not only be painful…

It’ll end up changing everything.

ebook | print

Stolen Paradise: A Dark Paranormal Romance (Kings of Eden Book 2) by Mila Young and Harper Brooks

These monsters rule the city… and I’ve become their newest obsession.

I’ve been caught in a war between the three most powerful gangs in the city… and I’m trapped with the most dangerous of them all.

The Kings.

With each passing day, they lurk closer, their darkness pulling me a bit deeper. They push me, demanding everything I have when my world is falling apart.

Chaos is about to break out, and I’m finding myself craving the men who could just as easily break me. Ruin me. Kill me.

I vow to escape, but I’m losing myself to this world of lust and war.

The Kings of Eden don’t have hearts. So they want mine…

18+ Romance. Kings of Eden is a full length, dark paranormal romance with enemies to lovers themes, featuring three psychotic, tormented alphaholes and a sassy heroine. Contains some dark themes and panty-melting steam and is a story where the heroine will end up with more than one love interest.

Ebook | Print

Rescuing Her Curves: A BBW Romance (Search and Rescue Book 1) by Joann Baker and Patricia Mason

Clayton Sinclair had moved back to his hometown in Middleton, Colorado for one purpose – find the curvy woman he’d been fantasizing about since high school and stake his claim. His mission didn’t prove as difficult as he’d thought as fate stranded his curvy beauty on a rooftop just waiting to be rescued.

Mary Anderson had been crushing on the chief of the rescue squad in her small town since high school. Even when he moved away, she’d still held a part of her heart solely for him. Now, he was back, and she feared meeting up with him again. She didn’t know if she could keep her feelings concealed any longer.

When she found herself stuck on a roof in the pouring rain with a winter storm barreling her way, she both dreaded and longed to be rescued.


Violet Serenade (Fairfield Corners Book 5) by L.A. Remenicky

Violet Miller has always known she was different. Her very first memories were full of swirling colors instead of music, and then of having to suppress that knowledge. Only her family could be trusted with her secret—until the day he arrived.

From the moment Dane McWilliams set eyes on Vi, he knew she was special. Scared, alone, and only seven years old, he lost himself in her deep blue eyes and finally knew safety. For eleven years she was his heart, his home, and on the day he left for basic training he started counting the days until
he could return to her.

And then his letters went unanswered.

It’s been seven years since Vi last set eyes on Dane. Seven years of avoidance and heartache. She’s no longer the girl he left behind—she’s all grown up and has returned to Fairfield Corners with a fiancé in tow. Resigned to a lackluster friendship, Dane’s hopes and dreams are shattered. But when an ancient evil returns to wreak havoc on their lives, the truth of Vi’s ability is revealed, and with it, the realization that her powers are not the only thing she’s kept hidden from Dane.

Ebook | Print

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