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Goddesses & Gods Book Fair

The Goddesses & Gods Book Fair kicks off with amazing tales filled with myth, metaphysical, mythical creatures, fantasy, legends and so much more. From boxed sets, to bestselling single titles, there is something you are sure to love at this month’s book fair! And don’t forget to enter the Amazon giveaway for your change to win! It’s Sunday. Let’s celebrate with great reads and wonderful authors!

Souls & Shadows

I asked the authors of this amazing collection of paranormal romance and urban fantasy to share with us why they think you need to read this set. Wow, they did not disappoint.

Roz Marshall: The Magic of Scotland

At last year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, I picked up a book on Scottish myths and legends. I was spellbound. Some of those stories kindled my imagination and made me look at my homeland through fresh eyes. Living in Scotland is awesome. Soaring mountains, inky lochs, thousand-acre skies - just looking