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Message from Tina: Help Support my Thunderclap

Hi Everyone,

I love having a place to share my love of books. Today, I wanted to share with you something that I am actively doing and for which I NEED your HELP. I am gearing up for my first fantasy romance release set for the 25th of October, and could use your support! It will not cost a thing, just a simple click. Will you consider supporting my Thunderclap?

What is Thunderclap?

It’s a service that allows a message to be shared over social media, whereby all of those that agree will send out the same message at once, which then is likely to make a bigger splash than just one person sharing a message. In my case, my message would be about my new release. To support the Thunderclap it cost nothing and can be completed (scheduled) with one simple click on the provided link.

This is something I would also like to feature later on the blog for interested authors, if we get enough interest.

Thanks for all of your help!


Creator of Celebrate with a Book

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