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Motivation Monday: Shark Tank – Jump Start Your Business

Today is #MotivationMonday, and it is a great day to dive into learning about how to launch, grow a business.

I love Shark Tank and having found this book, I’ve been learning so much on what I can do.

It is almost like being in the Tank, gathering all of the information I need to keep moving forward.

The book contains shark bites, too. Shark bites are small tips from the different sharks involved in the show.

What has been my take away from this book, so far? An idea isn’t enough. But instead, a business plan is a great place to start.

There is a chapter on water pricing that I found quite intriguing, and the example as to how water is priced at different locations – the drug store, a restaurant, a theme park, and how that pricing is determined ( see Chapter 5). This is definitely something that all author-entrepreneurs can take into consideration. I love this book, and am finding so much that I can implement in my business.

What about you? Have you read Shark Tank: Jump Start Your Business? Which business book would you recommend that I read next?

Learn more about today’s book: https://amzn.to/2RcLQ1P

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