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Sunday Funday: Recommended Read:

Sunday Funday! Recommended Reading! What's the pop culture trend we've discovered this weekend? Tidying Up on Netflix. There is something about watching people learn to declutter and how it changes their lives. We've actually tried some of the techniques this weekend, and it has helped (almost like meditation) to work through

Super Fantasy Romance & PNR SALE

There is an incredible fantasy romance and paranormal romance sale taking place today, where 20 authors are offering their amazing stories for a steal. Travel through the portal; be introduced to magic, swords, and the fantastical for this Halloween inspired celebration. Check it out. These limited time offers will only

What’s Hot!

This week, we've had some amazing posts here on Celebrate with a Book. On social media, we shared about a grand October  Book Fair happening through genrecave: http://www.beccahamiltonbooks.com/october-book-fair/ Like Cowboys, then  check out the recent post from Nicole Morgan: Nicole Morgan: Cowboys with a Modern Twist Learn about fighting evil with the paranormal release by

Mary Abshire: Fighting Evil

Fighting Evil is the third Soul Catcher novel. I wrote the first four books back in 2009-2010. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in Fighting Evil when I started writing it. (1) My protagonist had to endure more struggles. Why? Because I love to torture my characters. It's