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Mary Abshire: Fighting Evil

Fighting Evil is the third Soul Catcher novel. I wrote the first four books back in 2009-2010. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in Fighting Evil when I started writing it. (1) My protagonist had to endure more struggles. Why? Because I love to torture my characters. It’s fun. (2) I needed to kill someone. I felt it was time for something different and an emotional impact would work. (3) As much as I love one of the main characters, I felt it was time for my protagonist to get away from him. It was time for her to make a choice and move forward in her crazy life.  

My protagonist, Jessie, is half demon and can send souls to hell. Drake is the vampire who discovered her talent and fell in love with her. Jeremy is a full-blooded demon she met in the first book. He’s been a thorn in her side since they met, but she sees value to having him around. Drake and Jeremy do not get along. In Fighting Evil, Jeremy is trying to help Jessie. He trains her how to fight and stands by her side when she has to face a group of vampires who believe she is a threat to their existence. Drake is with her too, of course. I loved writing the action scenes and creating the tension between the two men.

When I created the VETOV members, I didn’t think I would use them again or the remote island I had researched. After I wrote the fourth Soul Catcher novel, I stopped writing for the series. Years went by. In 2015, an idea came to me for two more novels in the series. I had to bring back the VETOV members and the island in order for Jessie to get out of the trouble she was in with them. So you’ll meet them again and return to the island in Freedom From the Evil Dead.

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Half-demon Jessie Garrett’s battles seem endless. While Jeremy, the demon out to win her heart, teaches her how to fight, Jessie’s relationship with her vampire lover, Drake, reaches a breaking point. Adding to her struggles, she must defend her life against a group of vampires who consider her a threat to their existence.

Held captive on a remote island with both Drake and Jeremy protecting her, she is tested in ways she’s never imagined. Jessie fights back; only her actions do more harm than good. The group offers her a choice, but no matter what she decides, her life will change forever.




“Drake, I know what you think of Jeremy—”

“Yet you continue to make these deals with him. You continue to involve him in your life.”

“I made the deal with him to teach me to fight because I was afraid at the time that you wouldn’t protect me. I feared you were more loyal to your organization than you were to me. And to be honest, at times, I still am afraid.”

“You should never doubt my loyalty. My concern is for you. It always has been.” He reached forward and glided the back of his fingers down the side of my cheek. “I worry for you.”

His cool fingers sent tiny chills down my neck. The delicate touch reminded me how much he cared and how loving his heart was. “Once we are done with the VETOV, I want to get away from him. I really do.” I took his hand. “I know you worry. Trust me when I say I have everything under control.”

“If something ever happened to you…”
”Nothing will. He wouldn’t hurt me.”
He gazed deep into my eyes and, for a moment, I wondered if he could see my soul. “I would do anything for you. Your life, your love, your soul—you mean the world to me. My heart aches when we’re apart.”

My pulse accelerated upon hearing his words. His heart was dead, but it still had feeling. He was such an amazing man and I was fortunate to have him. I wished things were different so we could be together.

I pressed my palm to the side of his face. “I miss you more than you could possibly know. I hate spending time away from you. I hate all of this—having to train with Jeremy and meet with the VETOV. I want it to all go away and just be the two of us.”

He leaned closer. His cool energy caressed my skin like a feather light breeze. “I want to hold you in my arms for eternity, kiss you, and make love to you forever.”

Deep within me, passion burned, wanting him to hold true to his words. “I would love to spend the remaining days of my life with you, in your loving embrace.”

His gaze slid to my mouth. He grazed his thumb over my lips. “When we get back from meeting with the VETOV, I promise you, I will honor my words.”

Never before had I wanted a man so much, wanted to be with him, love him, talk to him, and share every minute of my life with him. Never had I met a man willing to love me, the real me, the half- demon soul catcher. In my heart I knew, I had met the man I couldn’t and wouldn’t live without. I’d met my soul mate, my lover, forever and beyond.

I leaned forward and claimed his lips. His response was gentle, sweet, and the most tender, loveable, heartfelt kiss I’d ever experienced. Our tongues slowly and patiently stroked. Enjoying the moment, I wanted to savor every second, and I did.


Author Bio

I am a romantic at heart and a lifetime lover of the paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. Indianapolis is my hometown. When I’m not working or binge watching television, I enjoy creating fantastical stories with vampires, demons, werewolves, angels, and/or other supernatural creatures. I like to add mystery and suspense along with romance to my books too. I live a quiet life and aspire to become a full time writer after I am able to retire. I also hope to meet that vampire, werewolf, or angel who will sweep me off my feet. Hey, a girl can dream. And this one does.

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