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Camilla Monk: Why I write

camilla-monkI think I write because I tend to live inside my head, always thinking up stories about everything I see or hear around me. I also have a fondness for drawing, which, oddly enough, certainly lead me to writing: drawing is simply yet another way to write stories.

I recently used the word “emotional porn” in a blog post: I think I write for that too. The same way other sing, do photography or paint, I feel that writing is just another way to try and capture emotions, cradle them in the palm of your hand. It is, therefore, no surprise that there’s romance in my books. I wouldn’t call myself a romance writer per se–since I tend to borrow from various genres without any regards to how the hell my publisher is going to market the books—but I love trying to describing the process of falling in love. It’s so difficult to find the right words to build chemistry, get into a character’s head and express that mix of self-doubt and elation.

Another major factor is the sheer love of words: their sonorities, the way some words will give you shivers. This is something I can’t get enough, be it in French, in English, in Japanese … There are so many lovely, powerful words to be written!

That being said, I’m probably misleading people into thinking I’m some kind of serious, and moderately competent writer, here. Sorry about that. The other reason why I write is that I constantly get weird ideas and find it very difficult to take anything seriously. I therefore diligently pour everything that goes through my mind onto the paper (or into text files, really), because I can, and it would appear neither my agent nor my editor can stop me.

Long story short, I got Montlake Romance to publish a book about true love and killer platypuses. That’s why I write. For that kind of sick thrill.

Spotless (Spotless Series #1)

Island Chaptal – nerdy IT engineer by day, romance novel junkie by night – just walked into her messy New York apartment to find Mr. Right waiting for her. No, wait…Mr. Clean.
A gentleman professional killer with a bad case of OCD and zero tolerance for unsorted laundry, March isn’t there to kill her…yet. He wants the diamond her late mother stole for a sinister criminal organization. Island agrees to help him find it, facing the kind of adversaries who dismember first and ask questions later. Good thing she’s got March to show her the ropes. And the guns. And the knives.
The buttoned-up Island is soon having a blast racing from Paris to Tokyo following the clues in her mother’s will, and for the first time, she’s ready to get close to someone. But falling for a hit man may be the very definition of loving dangerously….


Beating Rugby (Spotlight Series #2)

Life hasn’t been quite the same for computer engineer Island Chaptal since March, an OCD-ridden professional killer, burst into her life to clean her bedroom and take her on a global chase for a legendary diamond. Sadly, the (hit) man doesn’t just break bones; he breaks hearts, too.

Since then, Island has found solace in Alex—the perfect boyfriend—and Ruby, a software project about to revolutionize online banking security…for the worse. When Island’s boss is found dead after allegedly using Ruby to steal a vast fortune, it’s up to her to clear his name and recover the money. Someone else wants answers, though, and this time, Island might be in over her head.

From New York to Zürich, it’s going to take the return of a cleaning expert, a mini-octopus, and Island’s wits to beat Ruby. All while deciding whether to trust a man who already jilted her, or one who may have his own deadly secrets…

Camilla Monk is a French native who grew up in a Franco-American family. After finishing her studies, she taught English and French in Tokyo before returning to France to work in advertising. Today, she’s a managing partner in a small ad agency, where her job is to handle all things web-related and make silly drawings on the whiteboard when no one is looking.
Her writing credits include the English resumes and cover letters of a great many French friends, and some essays as well. She’s also the critically acclaimed author of a few passive-aggressive notes pasted in her building’s elevator. http://www.camillamonk.com

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