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Author Interview: Sheila Lowe

What is your path to publication -- how did you become an author? I was a nonfiction author before my mystery series saw the light of day. After many years of writing technical papers in my career as a handwriting expert, in 1999 I had the opportunity to write The Complete

Karen McCullough: What Makes a Good Detective in a Mystery?

I love a good mystery. Cozy, noir, amateur detective, police procedural, whatever the form, I’ll enjoy it as long as it’s well written, tells a good story, has interesting characters, and plays fair with the reader. A good villain is a cherry on top of the sundae. But even though

Mary Abshire: Fighting Evil

Fighting Evil is the third Soul Catcher novel. I wrote the first four books back in 2009-2010. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in Fighting Evil when I started writing it. (1) My protagonist had to endure more struggles. Why? Because I love to torture my characters. It's

Christina Hoag: What inspired me to write about gangs

Having written both a nonfiction book and a fiction book about gangs, people often ask me why gangs? I first encountered gangs as a young newspaper reporter in New Jersey, when I was assigned to write a story about a notorious motorcycle gang delivering Christmas toys to a local hospital.

Camilla Monk: Why I write

I think I write because I tend to live inside my head, always thinking up stories about everything I see or hear around me. I also have a fondness for drawing, which, oddly enough, certainly lead me to writing: drawing is simply yet another way to write stories. I recently used