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New Look. New Focus.

 I strongly believe in helping the writing community, its authors, programs, and sharing my love of all things book related — even promo.

Let me explain.

I’ve launched this site with the hope of helping authors to have a place where they can continue to promote themselves. Although launched in 2012, Celebrate with a Book (CWAB), has gone through several different modules. In the beginning, I focused on in-person events (book signings and readings), in hopes of readers getting a chance to know each other, and even though this events were quite successful, the overhead to create them was too much. I needed to find a way to help, without putting myself in debt. That meant changing my focus to online.

With an online focus not clearly in mind, I sought out authors to promote — this was not me planning blog tours, but serving as a stop on a tour; helping with cover reveals, sales, showing and sharing book teasers, and even giveaways, but then the hackers came. I ended up spending hours trying to fix it — everything they did, they did a lot quicker than I could undo it. This resulted in tons of hours and dollars being spent to correct an issue that never would go away. With my URLs being blacklisted, I realized that I needed to change how I did things.

And I did.

So, I’m counting down to the 15th, and filling up the calendar for those who wish to have their books featured on our website.

If you are interested in some free promotion, please sign up. Check out our packages and see how we can help you on your journey to the top!

Remember: When one of us succeeds, we all do, and I’m here to help you reach those goals!

Sign up today: https://tglasneck.wixsite.com/cwab/our-packages

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