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New Release: Burden of Proof

Today, Tina Glasneck released her latest mystery, Burden of Proof, which stars a paralegal named Emili.

Thanks for being here, Tina. You used to be a paralegal, so can you tell us what a paralegal is?

A paralegal is an assistant to an attorney. They do a variety of work from rushing to the court to hand-delivery paper work to sitting in conference rooms at jails to take client notes. It all depends on the attorney and the particular type of law (family, criminal or civil), as to the duties and responsibilities of a paralegal

Justice is blind, but she isn’t. This paralegal will risk everything to find the truth to save a 13 year old client charged with murder, even if it means facing down the killer herself. BURDEN OF PROOF is a story you don’t want to miss.

How much of this book is based on truth.

Luckily I have an amazing imagination and sources to help create details that might otherwise not be included in my work. That being said, the crime in this book is just a product of fiction. I never use real cases to create my fiction, but the tactics used to ascertain the truth and how paralegals don’t just remain in the office have a good portion of nonfiction in-between.

In my latest release, I wanted to spotlight this field and genre niche. I hope you all will join me on the ride.


Members of his family have been brutally murdered, and Tommy Melancon, a 13 year old, stands accused of the heinous crime. His mother is the sole survivor and is adamant that he wielded the weapon that committed the atrocity. His only advocate is his grandmother, who’s hired a law firm to represent her grandson on the charges.

Emili Jones is a new paralegal, who’ll have to hit the ground running. The thought of a child facing prosecution and potentially even the death penalty for a crime he didn’t commit spurs Emili on to look under every rock to find the truth. Even if it means stumbling upon imminent danger. Emili will need to solve the crime to help Tommy find redemption, or die trying. #NewRelease#legal #mystery





TINA GLASNECK is a  crime fiction, and fantasy romance author. She enjoys creating stories and infusing them with murder, mayhem, mystery and more. Learn more about her and her work at www.TinaGlasneck.com and connect with her online at www.facebook.com/TinaGlasneck.

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