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Goddesses & Gods Book Fair

The Goddesses & Gods Book Fair kicks off with amazing tales filled with myth, metaphysical, mythical creatures, fantasy, legends and so much more. From boxed sets, to bestselling single titles, there is something you are sure to love at this month’s book fair! And don’t forget to enter the Amazon giveaway for your change to win! It’s Sunday. Let’s celebrate with great reads and wonderful authors!

New Release: Burden of Proof

Today, Tina Glasneck released her latest mystery, Burden of Proof, which stars a paralegal named Emili. Thanks for being here, Tina. You used to be a paralegal, so can you tell us what a paralegal is? A paralegal is an assistant to an attorney. They do a variety of work from rushing

Introduction to Fantasy: The Fairy Tale

We all love Disney, and their re-tellings of  many of the great fairy tales of old.  As a normal writer of mystery, I was challenged to write in another genre -- part in response to the #Flash Fiction, which I try to write weekly,  but also because I wanted to