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Introduction to Fantasy: The Fairy Tale

We all love Disney, and their re-tellings of  many of the great fairy tales of old.  As a normal writer of mystery, I was challenged to write in another genre — part in response to the #Flash Fiction, which I try to write weekly,  but also because I wanted to create a story that could be short and cause a visceral reaction. As my desire to write fantasy began, all I could think about was the Brother Grimm. After living in Germany for a number of years, and even having been to places that they used in their fairy tales, I thought to give it a go, and re-imagine them.

Inspired yet? The result of Seven Twisted Fairy Tales blew my mind. I placed in a couple of the Flash Fiction contests with the stories, as well as found that many readers enjoyed them.

It’s a short compilation of stories (most stories range around 250 words). After venturing into this world of fantasy (for fairy tales are a sub-genre of fantasy), I decided to dive in deeper into my imagination, and then created my first full fantasy romance novel, A Dragon’s Destiny, and I haven’t looked back. I’m taking this fantasy thing to new heights and love what it means to write from a newly discovered passion. Now, time to get back to the magic!

Today, you can download your copy of Seven Twisted Fairy Tales for free on Amazon!


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